Hang Seng Index Streaming Real-Time Daily and Historical Chart (Line, Candlestick, Bar, P&F)

Real-Time streaming chart of Chinese Hang Seng Index with adjustable line type, time frame/period, and optional technical indicators is available here.

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Hang Seng Index for Last Month

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Hang Seng Index for Last 12 Months

5 Years/ Weekly Candle

Hang Seng Index for Last 5 Years

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Real-time streaming chart (Hang Seng Index) can be customized. You can change the time period (1 minute, 10 minute, 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week), time frame (from 10 to 500 time periods), chart type (bar, candle, line, P&F) or change/add technical indicator (Volume, RSI, MACD, Stohastic, Momentum and others); just move your mouse over the chart and notice the Options button in the right top corner of the chart. Click on this button and then adapt the settings according to your needs in the drop menu. You can also Detach the chart in a separate window and zoom it or even make it full-screen.


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About Hang Seng Index

The HSI, which stands for Hang Seng index, commenced trading on 24th November, 1969, and is a 40-year old stock index which serves as a main indicator of the market performance of some of the leading and largest organizations listed with the HKSE. Belonging to large and influential family of its parent firm, the Hang Seng Bank, this index is exceptional in the sense that it calls for free floating adjustment which is based upon how well the weighted stocks perform in the market in terms of capitalization. The direct implication of this is that contrary to the other stock markets which take pride in covering all the stocks and maintaining an average, this index keeps track of only 40 companies which account for more than half the volume of the total stock trading occurring in it.

On observing the Hang Seng index chart for the last 10 years, one would realize that even though this market index is not counted among the leading indexes in the world like the Dow Jones, the FTSE and the Nikkei, it has risen considerably in its stature from being one of the tail enders to feature among the top 10 indexes of this world. On considering a 10-year time frame, a performance based ranking system has accorded this index the 7th rank on a global platform while the first position has been awarded to the Mexico IPC index. The list comes to an end with the NASDAQ 100 index being the last name and hence the worst performer.

Hang Seng Index

However, on considering shorter time frames, the latest reports have ranked the Hang Seng as being the second most performing index internationally for a time period of 5 years. As the chart of this index further indicates, the last one year and especially the last one month has not been particularly good for this index in terms of performance as it ranked last but one in the list to be able to supersede only the Nikkei which was termed as the worst performing index. This situation has shown improvement in the last one month and although it is only a notch higher in ranking, the upward trend has already proved euphoric and contagious.

A quick glance through the chart of the Hang Seng index from its year of establishment would reveal that the index touched an all-time low on 31st August, 1967, even before its publication and crossed its first milestone of 10,000 points on 10th December, 1993. This record was broken yet again after a period of 13 years when the index crossed next milestone of 20,000 on 28th December, 2006, and the next milestone of 30,000 points as well within the time frame of a year on 18th October, 2007. The prevalence of this bullish trend continued as the index broke all records to touch its all-time high on 30th October, 2007, to establish a record which has remained unbroken till date.

'What goes up has to come down' is an age old adage which could not be more applicable to anything else than the Hang Seng index as shown by the chart. Subsequent to having touched its peak, the index began its downward journey and thus commenced a bearish phase during the fag end of 2007 which lasted not only throughout 2008 but shadowed the first half of 2009 as well. As a result of the series of falls spread over the last one-and-half years, the index lost two-thirds of its value at the peak level to acquire a bullish trend once again during the latter half of 2009.

The industries listed with the Hang Seng index are broadly classified in accordance with the Hang Seng Industry Classification System which apart from bearing in mind the unique characteristics of the Hong Kong stock market maintains harmony at the global level as well. Some of the guidelines which serve as parameters for classification are the sales revenue, the sector which the firm belongs to, re-classification in case of a merger or an acquisition and the source of information. In order to aid with the classification, the index is divided into four sub-indices: finance, utilities, properties and commerce and industry.

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