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Yeah, you are now probably thinking: Do I really need another smart guy telling me how to manage my money and investments? Well, to be honest, if you have the knowledge about how to optimize your stocks portfolio and you have proved your success on the markets over the past years, then you are not a beginner and you are probably familiar with money tips in this stock market for beginners guide to investing. Otherwise...

Why listen to me and my team of stock market professionals?

Goran Dolenc,

Because we have already proved ourselves in the world of financial and capital markets. team come's directly from the stock market industry, most of them still working for a fund, brokerage, trading or research company. We have more than 10 years of investing experience in different asset classes, like banks savings, conservative bond investing, long term investing in stocks, funds and Exchange-Traded funds (ETFs), and we also have some specialists who have been active in day trading with forex and commodities options. All of our team members have traded different markets globally: NYSE, Nasdaq, London, Frankfurt, South and Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, Bombay, etc. Yes, We have proved to be money saving expert's.

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