Nikkei Index

Nikkei index is most widely quoted price-weighted average of 225 largest Japanese companies traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Nikkei Index or Nikkei 225 Index is a stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). It has been calculated daily by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) newspaper since 1950. It is a price-weighted average (the unit is yen), and the components are reviewed once a year. Currently, the Nikkei is the most widely quoted average of Japanese equities.

Calculation Of Nikkei Index

Nikkei index is beside Dow Jones Index one of the rare price-weighted stock market indices; majority of indices is weighted by free-float market capitalization. The characteristic of price weighted indices is that they are affected by high-priced stock.

Nikkei Index is calculated from a selection of 225 domestic common stocks listed on the First Section of TSE. Stocks are weighted on the Nikkei 225 by giving an equal weighting based on a par value of 50 yen per share. Events such as stock splits, removals and additions of constituents impact upon the effective weighting of individual stocks and the divisor. The unit in which Nikkei index value is expressed is Yen.

Selection Of Nikkei Index Components

The Nikkei 225 is designed to reflect the overall market, so there is no specific weighting of industries. In order to provide accurate market movements and sector balance, constituent review of indices for the Nikkei225 is conducted annually.

Nikkei Index Historical Chart

Nikkei index began to be calculated on September 7, 1950, retroactively calculated back to May 16, 1949. The Nikkei index hit its all-time high on December 29, 1989, during the peak of the Japanese asset price bubble, when it reached an intra-day high of 38,957.44 before closing at 38,915.87. The latest minimal value of the index was reached in October 2008, when index reached the 6,994.90 level.

Nikkei Index

Nikkei Index Sector Allocation

The Nikkei index has the following sector allocation (as of 6/22/2010):

  • Industrial Goods & Services: 25.67%
  • Retail: 10.94%
  • Technology: 10.93%
  • Personal & Household Goods: 10.08%
  • Health Care: 8.74%
  • Automobiles & Parts: 7.46%
  • Chemicals: 4.46%
  • Food & Beverage: 3.93%
  • Financial Services: 3.69%
  • Basic Resources: 3.35%
  • Construction & Materials: 2.01%
  • Telecommunications: 1.95%
  • Media: 1.76%
  • Travel & Leisure: 1.69%
  • Banks: 1.48%
  • Insurance: 0.84%
  • Utilities: 0.57%
  • Oil & Gas: 0.45%

Nikkei Index Components

The Nikkei index components shown in table below are sorted by weightings and valid as of 6/22/2010.

Company ISIN Sector Weight
FR HOLDINGS CO.LTD. JP3802300008 Retail 5,68%
FANUC LTD JP3802400006 Industrial Goods & Services 4,34%
KYOCERA CORP. JP3249600002 Industrial Goods & Services 3,24%
SOFTBANK CORP. JP3436100006 Retail 2,94%
CANON INC. JP3242800005 Technology 2,32%
TOKYO ELECTRON LTD JP3571400005 Technology 2,29%
HONDA MOTOR JP3854600008 Automobiles & Parts 2,22%
TDK CORP. JP3538800008 Industrial Goods & Services 2,19%
SHIN-ETSU CHEM. JP3371200001 Chemicals 1,96%
TERUMO CORP. JP3546800008 Health Care 1,81%
KDDI CORP. JP3496400007 Telecommunications 1,75%
SECOM CO. LTD JP3421800008 Industrial Goods & Services 1,64%
ADVANTEST CORP. JP3122400009 Technology 1,61%
TAKEDA PHARM.CO.LTD. JP3463000004 Health Care 1,57%
NTT DATA CORP. JP3165700000 Technology 1,54%
TOYOTA MOTOR CORP. YN 50 JP3633400001 Automobiles & Parts 1,33%
ASTELLAS PHARMA INC. JP3942400007 Health Care 1,21%
EISAI CO. LTD JP3160400002 Health Care 1,21%
DAIKIN IND. LTD JP3481800005 Industrial Goods & Services 1,17%
TREND MICRO INC. JP3637300009 Technology 1,10%
Fujifilm Holdings Corp. JP3814000000 Personal & Household Goods 1,09%
DENSO CORP. JP3551500006 Automobiles & Parts 1,05%
Sony Corp. JP3435000009 Personal & Household Goods 1,04%
DENTSU INC. JP3551520004 Media 0,99%
OLYMPUS CORP. JP3201200007 Personal & Household Goods 0,94%
SEVEN & I HLDGS CO. LTD JP3422950000 Retail 0,87%
KAO CORP. JP3205800000 Personal & Household Goods 0,86%
SHISEIDO CO. LTD JP3351600006 Personal & Household Goods 0,79%
MITSUBISHI CORP. JP3898400001 Industrial Goods & Services 0,78%
SUZUKI MOTOR JP3397200001 Automobiles & Parts 0,77%
HITACHI CONSTR.MACH. JP3787000003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,72%
MITSUMI EL. JP3904400003 Technology 0,70%
KOMATSU LTD JP3304200003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,69%
SHIONOGI + CO. LTD JP3347200002 Health Care 0,69%
NIKON CORP. JP3657400002 Personal & Household Goods 0,68%
CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL JP3519400000 Health Care 0,67%
SUMITOMO RTY DEV. JP3409000001 Financial Services 0,66%
NGK INSULATORS JP3695200000 Industrial Goods & Services 0,65%
DAIICHI SANKYO CO. LTD JP3475350009 Health Care 0,65%
ASAHI BREWERIES JP3116000005 Food & Beverage 0,63%
Konami 100 Yen1k JP3300200007 Personal & Household Goods 0,62%
BRIDGESTONE CORP. JP3830800003 Automobiles & Parts 0,61%
JAPAN TOBACCO JP3726800000 Personal & Household Goods 0,61%
JGC CORP. JP3667600005 Industrial Goods & Services 0,59%
TOYO SEIKAN JP3613400005 Industrial Goods & Services 0,58%
MITSUI FUDOSAN LTD JP3893200000 Financial Services 0,56%
TAIYO YUDEN CO. LTD JP3452000007 Industrial Goods & Services 0,55%
MITSUBISHI EST. JP3899600005 Financial Services 0,55%
TOYOTA TSUSHO JP3635000007 Basic Resources 0,53%
RICOH CO. LTD JP3973400009 Technology 0,53%
YAMATO HLDGS CO.LTD. JP3940000007 Industrial Goods & Services 0,51%
TOKIO MARINE HOLDINGS INC. JP3910660004 Insurance 0,51%
SUMITOMO MET.MNG JP3402600005 Basic Resources 0,50%
Panasonic Corp. JP3866800000 Personal & Household Goods 0,50%
KIRIN Holdings Co. Ltd JP3258000003 Food & Beverage 0,48%
MITSUI + CO. JP3893600001 Industrial Goods & Services 0,47%
NIPPON MEAT PACKERS JP3743000006 Food & Beverage 0,47%
KURARAY CO. LTD Y 50 JP3269600007 Chemicals 0,46%
SUMITOMO EL.IND. JP3407400005 Industrial Goods & Services 0,45%
NISSAN CHEM. JP3670800006 Chemicals 0,45%
DAI NIPPON PRINTG JP3493800001 Media 0,44%
CRED. SAISON CO.LTD JP3271400008 Financial Services 0,44%
MITSUBISHI LOGISTICS JP3902000003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,44%
NISSHIN SEI. JP3676800000 Food & Beverage 0,42%
SHARP JP3359600008 Personal & Household Goods 0,41%
SUMITOMO CORP. JP3404600003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,39%
KIKKOMAN CORP. JP3240400006 Food & Beverage 0,39%
AEON CO.LTD. JP3388200002 Retail 0,39%
JTEKT CORP. JP3292200007 Automobiles & Parts 0,38%
Panasonic Electr. Works Co.Ltd. JP3867600003 Construction & Materials 0,38%
ASAHI GLASS JP3112000009 Construction & Materials 0,38%
KONICA MINOLTA HLDGS INC. JP3300600008 Personal & Household Goods 0,38%
ISETAN MITSUKOSHI HLDGS JP3894900004 Financial Services 0,38%
YAMAHA CORP. JP3942600002 Personal & Household Goods 0,37%
NISSHINBO HOLDINGS INC. JP3678000005 Personal & Household Goods 0,37%
ALPS EL.CO.LTD JP3126400005 Industrial Goods & Services 0,36%
JAPAN STEEL WKS LTD JP3721400004 Industrial Goods & Services 0,35%
DAIWA HOUSE IND. JP3505000004 Personal & Household Goods 0,34%
Hyowa Hakko Kirin Co. Ltd JP3256000005 Health Care 0,34%
COMSYS HLDGS CORP. JP3305530002 Construction & Materials 0,33%
AJINOMOTO JP3119600009 Food & Beverage 0,33%
SEKISUI HOUSE JP3420600003 Personal & Household Goods 0,32%
ODAKYU EL. RWY JP3196000008 Travel & Leisure 0,31%
SHIZUOKA BK LTD JP3351200005 Banks 0,31%
ITOCHU CORP. JP3143600009 Industrial Goods & Services 0,31%
MITSUBISHI EL. CORP. JP3902400005 Industrial Goods & Services 0,31%
TOPPAN PRINTG JP3629000005 Media 0,31%
TAKASHIMAYA JP3456000003 Retail 0,31%
NIPPON KAYAKU JP3694400007 Health Care 0,31%
CENTRAL JAP RWY JP3566800003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,31%
KUBOTA CORP. JP3266400005 Industrial Goods & Services 0,30%
UNY CO. LTD JP3949600005 Retail 0,30%
CHIYODA CORP. JP3528600004 Industrial Goods & Services 0,29%
DAINIPP.SUMIT.PHARMA JP3495000006 Health Care 0,29%
NISSAN MOTOR JP3672400003 Automobiles & Parts 0,28%
NSK LTD. JP3720800006 Industrial Goods & Services 0,28%
PAC. MET. CO. LTD JP3448000004 Basic Resources 0,27%
MARUI GROUP CO. LTD JP3870400003 Retail 0,27%
SHOWA SHELL SEKIYU JP3366800005 Oil & Gas 0,26%
YOKOGAWA EL. JP3955000009 Industrial Goods & Services 0,26%
MITSUI OSK LINES JP3362700001 Industrial Goods & Services 0,26%
MS&AD INS.GRP HLDGS JP3890310000 Insurance 0,26%
MATSUI SECURITIES CO. LTD JP3863800003 Financial Services 0,25%
GS YUASA CORP. JP3385820000 Industrial Goods & Services 0,25%
TOTO LTD JP3596200000 Construction & Materials 0,25%
CASIO COMPUTER JP3209000003 Personal & Household Goods 0,24%
FUJITSU LTD JP3818000006 Technology 0,24%
EAST JAPAN RWY JP3783600004 Travel & Leisure 0,24%
OKUMA Corp. JP3172100004 Automobiles & Parts 0,23%
NKSJ HOLDINGS INC. JP3165000005 Basic Resources 0,23%
KEIO CORP. JP3277800003 Travel & Leisure 0,23%
CITIZEN HOLDINGS CO.LTD. JP3352400000 Personal & Household Goods 0,23%
INPEX CORP. JP3294460005 Basic Resources 0,23%
NOMURA HLDGS JP3762600009 Financial Services 0,22%
FUJI HEAVY IND. JP3814800003 Automobiles & Parts 0,22%
SUMITOMO HEAVY JP3405400007 Industrial Goods & Services 0,22%
CHIBA BK LTD JP3511800009 Banks 0,22%
MINEBEA CO. LTD JP3906000009 Industrial Goods & Services 0,21%
KEISEI EL. RWY JP3278600006 Travel & Leisure 0,21%
MARUBENI CORP. JP3877600001 Industrial Goods & Services 0,20%
ASAHI KASEI JP3111200006 Chemicals 0,20%
TOKAI CARBON JP3560800009 Food & Beverage 0,20%
TOBU RAILWAY JP3597800006 Travel & Leisure 0,20%
HINO MOTORS LTD JP3792600003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,20%
TOSHIBA CORP. JP3592200004 Industrial Goods & Services 0,20%
Dowa Holdings Inc. JP3638600001 Basic Resources 0,19%
J.FRONT RETAILING JP3386380004 Retail 0,19%
TAKARA HLDGS JP3459600007 Food & Beverage 0,19%
HOKUETSU KISHU PAPER JP3841800000 Basic Resources 0,19%
SUMITOMO TR.BKG JP3405000005 Banks 0,19%
TORAY IND. JP3621000003 Chemicals 0,19%
DENKI KAGAKU KOGYO JP3549600009 Chemicals 0,19%
JX HOLDINGS INC. JP3386450005 Oil & Gas 0,18%
OJI PAPER CO. LTD JP3174410005 Basic Resources 0,18%
YOKOHAMA RUBBER JP3955800002 Automobiles & Parts 0,18%
FUJIKURA LTD JP3811000003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,18%
Mitsubishi UFJ FINL GRP JP3902900004 Banks 0,17%
CSK HOLDINGS CORP. JP3346400009 Technology 0,17%
BK OF YOKOHAMA JP3955400001 Banks 0,17%
NIPPON EXPRESS CO. JP3729400006 Industrial Goods & Services 0,17%
TOKYO GAS CO. LTD JP3573000001 Utilities 0,17%
EBARA CORP. JP3166000004 Industrial Goods & Services 0,17%
FURUKAWA EL. JP3827200001 Industrial Goods & Services 0,17%
SAPPORO HOLDINGS JP3320800000 Food & Beverage 0,17%
DAIWA SEC. GRP INC. JP3502200003 Financial Services 0,16%
NTN CORP. JP3165600002 Industrial Goods & Services 0,16%
KAWASAKI KISEN JP3223800008 Industrial Goods & Services 0,16%
NICHIREI CORP. JP3665200006 Food & Beverage 0,15%
SUMITOMO CHEM. JP3401400001 Chemicals 0,15%
OBAYASHI CORP. JP3190000004 Construction & Materials 0,15%
MEIJI HOLDINGS CO.LTD JP3918000005 Food & Beverage 0,15%
FUKUOKA FINL GROUP JP3805010000 Financial Services 0,15%
NIPPON TEL. TEL. JP3735400008 Telecommunications 0,15%
TOKYU CORP. JP3574200006 Travel & Leisure 0,15%
MITSUBISHI RAYON JP3903600009 Chemicals 0,15%
HITACHI LTD JP3788600009 Industrial Goods & Services 0,14%
TOHO ZINC JP3599000001 Basic Resources 0,14%
NIPPON YUSEN JP3753000003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,14%
MEIDENSHA CORP. JP3919800007 Technology 0,14%
TOKYU LD CORP. JP3569000007 Financial Services 0,14%
MITSUBISHI HEAVY JP3900000005 Industrial Goods & Services 0,13%
CHUO MITSUI TRUST HLDGS Inc. JP3892100003 Banks 0,13%
WEST JAPAN RWY JP3659000008 Travel & Leisure 0,13%
OSAKA GAS CO. LTD JP3180400008 Utilities 0,13%
SHIMIZU CORP. JP3358800005 Construction & Materials 0,13%
PIONEER CORP. JP3780200006 Personal & Household Goods 0,13%
NIPPON SODA CO.LTD JP3726200003 Chemicals 0,13%
NIPPON STEEL JP3381000003 Basic Resources 0,13%
ISUZU MOTORS LTD JP3137200006 Industrial Goods & Services 0,12%
ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS JP3429800000 Travel & Leisure 0,12%
JFE HOLDINGS INC. JP3386030005 Basic Resources 0,12%
NIPPON SUISAN JP3718800000 Food & Beverage 0,11%
FUJI ELECTRIC HLDGS JP3820000002 Industrial Goods & Services 0,11%
MITSUI CHEMICALS JP3888300005 Chemicals 0,11%
SUMITOMO MITSUI FINL GRP JP3890350006 Banks 0,11%
MITSUI MNG SMELTG JP3888400003 Basic Resources 0,11%
TEIJIN LTD JP3544000007 Chemicals 0,11%
TOSOH CORP. JP3595200001 Chemicals 0,10%
NIPPON PAPER GRP JP3754300006 Basic Resources 0,10%
NEC CORP. JP3733000008 Technology 0,10%
MITSUBISHI MAT. JP3903000002 Basic Resources 0,10%
NIPPON SHEET GLASS JP3686800008 Construction & Materials 0,10%
TOKYO DOME CORP. JP3587600002 Travel & Leisure 0,10%
TOKYO EL. PWR JP3585800000 Utilities 0,10%
KAWASAKI HEAVY IND. JP3224200000 Industrial Goods & Services 0,10%
UBE IND. LTD JP3158800007 Chemicals 0,10%
MITSUBISHI CHEM. HLDGS JP3897700005 Chemicals 0,09%
HEIWA REAL ESTATE JP3834800009 Financial Services 0,09%
MAZDA MOTOR CORP JP3868400007 Automobiles & Parts 0,09%
Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd. JP3373800006 Financial Services 0,09%
CHUBU EL. PWR JP3526600006 Utilities 0,09%
SUMITOMO MET. IND. JP3402200004 Basic Resources 0,09%
KANSAI EL. PWR JP3228600007 Utilities 0,09%
NITTO BOSEKI JP3684400009 Food & Beverage 0,09%
KAJIMA CORP. JP3210200006 Construction & Materials 0,09%
T + D HOLDINGS INC. JP3539220008 Insurance 0,08%
CLARION CO. LTD JP3269200006 Technology 0,08%
MITSUI ENG. SHIPB. JP3891600003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,08%
SUMITOMO OSAKA CEM. JP3400900001 Construction & Materials 0,08%
KOBE STEEL JP3289800009 Basic Resources 0,07%
SUMCO CORP. JP3322930003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,07%
SHOWA DENKO K.K. JP3368000000 Chemicals 0,07%
TAISEI CORP. JP3443600006 Construction & Materials 0,07%
NISSHIN STEEL JP3676000007 Basic Resources 0,07%
TOYOBO CO. JP3619800000 Personal & Household Goods 0,06%
MIZUHO FINL GROUP JP3885780001 Banks 0,06%
IHI Corp. JP3134800006 Industrial Goods & Services 0,06%
MARUHA NICHIRO HLDGS INC. JP3876700000 Food & Beverage 0,06%
TOHO CO. LTD JP3598600009 Personal & Household Goods 0,06%
YAHOO JAPAN CORP. JP3933800009 Technology 0,06%
NTT DOCOMO INC. JP3165650007 Telecommunications 0,05%
SANYO EL. JP3340600000 Personal & Household Goods 0,05%
NIPPON LT METAL JP3700000007 Basic Resources 0,05%
TAIHEIYO CEMENT JP3449020001 Construction & Materials 0,05%
HITACHI ZOSEN CORP. JP3789000001 Automobiles & Parts 0,05%
MITSUBISHI MOTORS JP3899800001 Automobiles & Parts 0,05%
RESONA HOLDINGS INC. JP3500610005 Banks 0,04%
MITSUBISHI PAPER M. JP3901200000 Food & Beverage 0,04%
FURUKAWA CO. JP3826800009 Basic Resources 0,04%
SHINSEI BANK JP3729000004 Banks 0,04%
OKI EL. IND. JP3194000000 Technology 0,03%
UNITIKA LTD JP3951200009 Food & Beverage 0,03%
MIZUHO TRUST + BKG JP3932800000 Banks 0,03%
JSAT Holdings Inc. JP3396350005 Media 0,01%
SOJITZ CORP. JP3663900003 Industrial Goods & Services 0,01%

Other TSE Indices

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) calculates and publishes TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index) and its sub-indices including TOPIX New index Series.

TOPIX is a free-float adjusted market capitalization-weighted index that is calculated based on all the domestic common stocks listed on the TSE First Section. TOPIX shows the measure of current market capitalization assuming that market capitalization as of the base date (January 4 ,1968) is 100 point.

TOPIX New Index Series (TOPIX Core30, TOPIX Large70, TOPIX 100, TOPIX Mid400, TOPIX 500, TOPIX 1000, TOPIX Small) are selected based on free-float adjusted market capitalization and liquidity from the companies completed its listed as of the base date for selection.

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