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Last Trading Idea Based on Technical Analysis

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 - By

JPM Technical Analysis

Blue line signals more probable scenario, while grey line signals less probable one.


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About JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

Official Website:

If financial solutions are the need of the hour then JP Morgan Chase & Co. should be the first destination as it has been since 1823 when it was founded. Apart from being the largest public company in the world, this global financial conglomerate is a one-stop shop for all kinds of monetary requirements and courtesy of its wide range of services it is counted amongst one of the 'Big Four' banks of USA.

Two of the main branches of the Chase bank are dedicated to banking related to consumer business and commercial business and while the former is concerned with individuals, homes and small businesses, the latter deals with finances of large corporate enterprises. Hence individual clients of JP Morgan can avail online banking, credit card facility, home equity loans, retirement benefits and retail checking. Financial assistance can also be sought from this company at a personal level pertaining to auto and education sectors.

The commercial banking segment includes client banking for the corporate world, middle market management and provision of business credit. In addition, finances are also provided for real estate, equipment, term lending and community development.

Investors, individuals and corporations around the world also make use of the JP Morgan brand name in fields like investment banking, asset management and security services. Retail services pertaining to mortgages, business loans, checking and savings account and equity are looked after by the retail financial segment. The company also provides private banking and private client services to interested parties while its security services are valid all over the world.


Latest Discussions About JP Morgan Stock


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