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Don't make a beginner's mistake! Test you trading strategy via free online stock market trading game before you begin trading with real money. You can win prizes also...

Stock market trading game (sometimes also called "Paper Trading" or "Virtual Stock Trading") is a simulated trading process in which investors can practice investing without committing real money. This is done by the manipulation of imaginary money and investment positions that behave in a manner similar to the real markets.

Investors can create several different positions simultaneously to compare the performance and payoff characteristics between multiple strategies, also advanced strategies that include leverage, short-selling, forex and derivatives trading. Stock market trading game is used for educational purposes, to avoid taking on excessive risk due to inexperience.

Beginner's Way of Trading Stock Markets

Many beginners in stock markets trading make the same common mistakes. One of them is they jump right in and start following recommendations or making their own trading decisions without spending more than a few minutes learning what goes on in the investing world. We write about the most common mistakes you must avoid when investing in our best investment e-book '22 Most Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Investing in Stocks'.

The "Stock Market for Beginner's" Way

It is far more recommended that before getting started you first learn about stock markets, keep track of the resources and web sites that you feel comfortable with and have found useful. These will be good references as you search for more information in the future. Based on your knowledge, you should develop a trading plan with things such as entry, exit and risk management rules.

At this point you will probably think you are ready for the real-world, but I strongly suggest you to first try yourself and your stock trading strategies in a free stock market trading game like Wall Street Survivor for example. You will be able to see if your ideas work. You'll also get used to the feel of the order process, monitor your portfolio and see if you need to make any adjustments to your plan before risking real money.

Keep a written trading diary so you can have something to look back over and see what worked and why, as well as what didn't work. Only after you have placed 10 or so trades in your stock market trading game and you are comfortable with your results, consider opening a brokerage account. Before that step, we recommend you to read an article about how to select best among online stock brokers. When starting out with a brokerage account using real money, use small amounts of money to get a feel of the reality of trading and until you feel comfortable with your trading plan. And always stick to the rules in your trading plan.

Keep using your virtual trading account to test out new ideas instead of risking real money for testing purposes.

Wall Street Survivor - The Best Stock Market Trading Game

A stock market trading game at WallStreetSurvivor.com is one of the best paper trading platforms available. It will help you learn about online trading stocks in an absolutely free stock market trading game. If you want to learn how to trade or practice your trading, Wall Street Survivor is the site for you.

Wall Street Survivor

100% Free to Join

Sign up for the best stock market trading game - Wall Street Survivor - for FREE and learn how to trade stocks.

Real-Time Trading Engine

The web's best stock market trading game is equipped with streaming quotes and bids that fill in real-time. No delays - up to the second prices.

Up to 5 Portfolios

Practice different strategies in up to 5 unique portfolios, all for free. Each of your portfolios is eligible for all prizes.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Prizes

At Wall Street Survivor you can win prizes across multiple stock games. You should compete in more than one stock or option investing game to maximize your chances of winning.

Other Features of the Best Stock Market Trading Game

There are many other features available for you when you register to the best stock market trading game - Wall Street Survivor:

  • Zack's analyst ratings will show you how Wall Street Analysts are rating stocks in terms of Strong Buy - Strong Sell.
  • Motley Fool's CAPS ratings will tell you what the highly acclaimed Motley Fool website thinks about your stocks.
  • You will be able to check what technical analysis chartists are saying about your stocks in terms of their chart pattern and short-term forecasts.
  • You will gain mobile access so that you will be able to follow your portfolio while you are on the go and retrieve quotes and place trades from your mobile device.
  • StockTalk will inform you what other Wall Street Survivor users are saying about your stocks.
  • You will get access to survivor sentiment which is updated every night - every stock is ranked on a scale of 1 to 100 so you know if community likes the stocks you are trading.
  • Wall Street Survivor Rankings display not only where you rank on your weekly and monthly performance, but they also show the last stock trade of all Survivors so you can see what even the top trades are trading.
  • You can talk to other Survivors on a one-on-one, private basis via private messaging tool.
  • You can record your reasons/objectives for buying stocks and your conclusions when selling so you can learn with each trade.
  • Lost too much virtual money? No problem. Just reset your portfolio to a fresh $100,000 for free.

Wall Street Survivor

What Traders Are Saying About Wall Street Survivor?

"It's the perfect tool for testing my strategies before hitting the real market." --Robert Grossman

"Learning how to trade has never been so easy!" -- Charlotte Hilton

"It seemed like a pipe dream to make trading as addictive as a video game, but its happening." -- Bryan Hops

"Nothing compares to Wall Street Survivor. It is hands down the most realistic trading platform out there." -- Jessica Lee

"The features, ease-of-use and Real-Time trading engine sold me." -- Peter Dimakos

"Wall Street Survivor is cool! My Teacher recommended it two semesters ago and I'm still using it." -- Gabriel Meyer

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