Real Time Stock Ticker - Where Can You Get the Best Desktop Stock Ticker?

Many traders and investors are looking for real time stock ticker, to provide them the current information from stock markets while performing some other tasks.

A stock ticker is a simple piece of software, which can be installed on your desktop (desktop stock ticker) or embed into your website or blog site (also known as widgets/gadgets). The main purpose of stock ticker is to provide you current information about stock market trends and directions in a predefined smaller part of your screen, so that it doesn't bother you while performing regular daily work on your computer. Data provided by stock tickers is updated automatically, so that user does not have to push any refresh button to get the latest information from the stock markets.

Size, position and information provided by desktop stock ticker are usually customizable. Most of the people position the real time stock ticker on the top, bottom or right part of the monitor and set up the information valuable to them. In most cases they are interested in movement of major stock indices, like S&P 500, Dow Jones Index, Nasdaq and some other international indices, prices of the most important commodities like crude oil, gold, and silver, and exchange rates of most liquid currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/JPY and so on. Besides this general information, desktop stock ticker can usually provide you also real time stock quotes for your favorite stocks, which are already in your stock portfolio or you are considering buying.

You might find real time stock ticker which will provide you with additional analytics data and not purely stock quotes. For example, by clicking on a specific stock symbol, a new website might open providing you technical analysis charts, stock fundamental data, insider trades and similar. You can often also setup different alarms on your desktop stock ticker, providing you a specific sound or any other kind of notification when an important resistance or support line is broken.

When you will be searching for the best desktop stock ticker, you will find some freeware, shareware and some payable possibilities. Free desktop stock tickers are usually not updating in real time, but rather with 20 minute or similar delay. Shareware stock tickers are normally limited to basic stock indices and limited number of your own stocks that can be added to the stock ticker. And payable stock tickers is what we would actually all like to see on our screens, providing us real time data and unlimited options for customization.

The reason why real time stock information is not provided to you for free is in Stock Exchange polices. They sell the data to data providers who further distribute the data to interested parties like financial portals, news sources, brokerage houses, and others interested in this kind of data. Since they have to pay for the data, they are not willing to provide it to end customers for free; besides, Stock Exchange rules do not allow them to do so. This is the reason why you might find some stock tickers with real time data for a limited trial period, but you will have to pay for the data later on. We would just like to warn you, that if you find a FREE desktop stock ticker, that doesn't mean that the data provided will also be for free. You must distinguish the software from the data.

In the second part of stock tickers article you can read about the best free desktop or website stock tickers.

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