ETF Trading Strategies for Major Equity, Bond, Commodity and Currency Exchange Traded Funds

If you are looking for ETF trading strategies, this is the place to be. We provide investing ideas for the most popular ETFs in different categories.

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ETF Trading - Country/Regional ETFs

Australia ETF List - Overview and Long/Short Trading Strategies
Australia ETF funds are popular among investors because of country's wealth with natural resources and commodities. Find out how you can benefit!

China ETFs List - Index Funds Overview and Trading Opportunities
China ETFs are among the most popular Exchange Traded Funds targeting emerging markets. Read latest news, discussions, experts' opinions and more.

Dow Jones Industrial Index ETFs Overview and Trading Opportunities
Find how you can invest in the oldest stock market index - Dow Jones Industrial Index, through popular and cost effective way, via Exchange Traded Funds.

Emerging Markets ETF List - Funds Overview and Trading Strategies
Emerging markets ETF funds are the most popular choice for diversifying portfolio globally. They are cost effective and provide high return potential.

Hong Kong ETF Funds Overview, Market Analysis and Trade Strategies
You can find Hong Kong ETF market analysis for U.S. currency funds here, including charts, news, trading ideas, discussions and experts' opinions.

Japan ETF Funds Overview and Trading Strategies: Long, 2x, Bear
We provide overview of Japan ETFs from iShares, SPDR, ProShares and others, including charts, latest news, discussions, analysis and experts' opinions.

Latin America ETF Index Funds Overview and Trading Strategies
Latin America ETF is often part of core investment portfolio, because of its huge commodities potential. Information for investors can be found here.

SP 500 Index ETFs - Charts, Investing Ideas and Trading Strategies
SP 500 Index as underlying is among heaviest trading instruments on NYSE. Find S&P 500 Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) trading related information here.


ETF Trading - Sector/Industry ETFs

Gold Miners ETF Funds - Overview, Trading Ideas and Strategies
Gold mining companies gathered in gold miners ETF funds are closely related to gold price. We provide important information for trading gold miners.

Semiconductor ETF List and Trade Strategies - Long, Inverse, 2x, 3x
Semiconductor ETFs are among most volatile funds on the market. Here you can find trading related information that will ease your investment decision.


ETF Trading - Commodity ETFs

Coal ETF List of Funds, Trading Opportunities, Strategies, and More
Buying coal ETF is one of possibilities to get exposed to energy sector. Before you trade it, check latest news, charts, discussions, opinions and more.

Gold ETF Trading Signals and Strategies - Long, Short, Leverage
Gold ETFs are among most tradable commodity ETFs. Is now a good time to buy more, sell some or hold existing? Find experts' opinions, news and more.

Natural Gas ETF Funds Trading Ideas and Strategies - Leveraged, 2x
Read latest natural gas ETF news, follow discussions and subscribe to experts' opinions about how to trade this commodity ETFs in different conditions.

Oil ETF Funds List, Signals and Strategies - Long, Short, 2x, 3x
U.S. Oil ETF and other oil ETFs are among most traded commodity ETFs. We provide charts, news, discussions, trading ideas and strategies for success.

Silver ETF Lists, Charts, News, Trading Signals and Strategies
Is silver ETF a buy, sell, or hold at the moment? We provide latest news, charts, discussions and experts' opinions about most popular silver funds.


ETF Trading - Currency ETFs

Euro Dollar ETF Trading Opportunities and Strategies (EUR/USD)
As EUR/USD is the most traded currency pair, so are Euro Dollar ETFs. We provide latest news, charts, discussions, trading ideas, strategies, and more.

US Dollar Index ETF Symbols, Historical Charts, Trading Signals
Find latest news, analysis, discussions and price forecasts of US Dollar Index (USD) against a basket of currencies: EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF and SEK.

Yen Dollar ETF - Explore USD vs JPY ETF Investing Opportunities
Take advantage of latest Yen Dollar (USD/JPY) news, charts, technical analysis, price forecasts, discussions and more to trade these ETFs successfully.

Fixed Income/Bonds

ETF Trading - Fixed Income, Bond & Preferred Stocks ETFs

Preferred Stock Investing Guide, ETF List, Dividends, PFF, PGF, PGX
Preferred stock investing is an attractive strategy offering you to benefit from a fixed payment instrument with higher upside potential than bonds.

Treasury Bond Funds - Popular ETFs for Low Risk and Safe Return
Check latest analysis and more about where U.S. treasuries and related treasury bond funds are trending. Don't miss another great trading opportunity.


How to Navigate this Page?

If you are looking for ETF trading strategies, this is the place to be. We provide investing ideas (buy and sell signals) for the most popular ETFs in different categories: equity, bond ETFs, currency, commodity and other types of Exchange Traded Funds. These trading ideas are based mostly on technical stock analysis, but they include other segments of stock market analysis as well.

You can navigate ETFs of your interest by scrolling down the page until you find the fund you are looking for (first you will see regional ETFs listed alphabetically, followed by sector, commodity, currency and bond ETFs also listed alphabetically. If you are more a stock investor, you should rather check Stocks Trading Ideas for the most popular stocks.

If you know the exact ETF you are looking for it might be easier for you to use the search capability, where you can search by ETF symbol or name. Enjoy ETF trading ideas! Any feedback is appreciated.


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Why are ETF Trading Strategies so Popular?

ETF Trading

There were times when one needed a margin account and special privileges to be able to trade actively on the stock or any other financial market. Today, with evolution of alternative Exchange Traded Funds, things have dramatically changed. You don't need a margin account any more to utilize leverage or to open a short position. All this functionality is now build in new issued ETFs and you can trade them on a regular brokerage account. You can for example find leverage ETFs with 2x or even 3x exposure to underlying daily movement, and similar you have number of inverse ETFs issued, which allow you to earn of the opposite direction movements which is generally the same as shorting.

Trading ETFs have some other advantages as well. One of the most important ones is liquidity. Most major ETFs are high liquid instruments, so you will not find yourself in difficult position of not being able to close you position, like it can happen with some mid or small-cap stocks.

And finally we would like to mention one more advantage of trading ETFs over stocks - diversification. ETFs are built of broad portfolio of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies or any other underlying. If something significant happens to one stock in the ETF portfolio, it has only limited effect on the price of ETF itself (depending on the share weight), which in other words mean less unwanted volatility for you.


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